Dr. Janice Yancey, also known affectionately as Dr. J, is the Chief Managing Partner for HYD Enterprise LLC. She has more than thirty years of experience in corporate IT. Her broad IT expertise provides an innovative leadership perspective for HYD. She combines her strong sense of direction, hands-on management skills and excellent communication skills to implement positive change on a daily basis. 

Dr. J is a multidisciplinary technology leader with an impressive track record in IT management and business leadership. She consistently delivers outstanding achievements. Dr. J's production efforts are concentrated on assuring the success of IT modernization projects, which necessitates sufficient planning, alignment with current and future goals and objectives, and an awareness of business vulnerabilities. Dr. J is an expert at problem solving and is frequently called upon for HYD assistance with technologically critical situations

Dr. J has proved these qualities through her ability to establish, manage, and lead organizations that achieve good results for high-profile initiatives, as well as her exceptional ability to speak on business and technology, bridging the gap between business people and technologists. She is a expert at evaluating business needs, identifying process improvements and executing action plans. 

Dr. J is a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She has been recognized for supporting DEI through her exceptional leadership that implements diversity and inclusion principles.